How many times have you gone to the beach and felt annoyed by the sand on your beach towel? Definitely MANY. Going on holiday at the beach should no longer be a cause for stress or annoyance, but an occasion for relax and rest. For those reasons, the MaeMae No Sand Sea Towel was designed, lying down and sunbathing will no longer be a problem.


The anti-sand beach towel is the ideal towel for those who do not want to constantly get dirty with sand, since it always remains clean. The sand trap has a new technology, with the ability to filter the sand that goes beyond the sand trap.

Thanks to this special anti-sand towel, therefore, we have the opportunity to stay on the beach without having to worry about cleaning our towel often. It also allows you to eat on the beach, thus avoiding carrying additional equipment useful for avoiding the sand (e.g. tables).

It seems like something magical, but all this happens thanks to two finely crafted layers.

A towel of this type is also very useful inside camping tents, precisely because it can be used as a mat on which to place objects without soiling them with earth or sand. The interior of your camping tent or caravan will finally be clean.

Most of the anti-sand cloths are made with purely military fabrics. This fabric, therefore, is made up of small holes that allow sand and dust to filter through.

Everything happens in one direction, and in this way it will be possible to always have a clean sheet. Just move the sand slightly with your hand and it will end up easily under the beach towel itself.

The material of the anti-sand cloth is polyurethane, used in the military sector to prevent the raising of dust. (helicopter take-off and landing phase).

The anti-sand beach towel is a concentrate of technology but, at the same time, comfort, this to allow you to experience the sea without any problems.

The five advantages of this MaeMae no sand beach towel


The tent pegs will allow you to spread your beach towel so that it adheres better to the sand and does not risk blowing away due to the wind or due to the clumsiness of some people on the beach.

The peculiarity of this towel is that it can be used not only on the beach but also when camping. In fact, often and willingly, it is necessary to spread a towel on a lawn or on the ground and it is essential that it is stable and not moved easily, especially if it is used for picnics or for lunches out of town.

This towel is especially useful for those who are allergic to sand and are looking for a way to enjoy the sea without excessive worries or fears.

In conclusion, there are many reasons for which to consider an anti-sand beach towel rather than a normal beach towel.

We put attention to detail, precision and reliability, you have the opportunity to try and test this cover with your own hands, we are sure you will not be disappointed.

Color your summer!